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The flood happened on Thursday July 22, 2010 and we powered off at 7:10pm. We were back up on that Friday around 3pm with borrowed programming from Columbus OH on WVTV. WCGV was back with locally originated programming around 5pm on Saturday and WVTV was back locally on Sunday. Everything was run on folding tables with two tape decks and a switcher per station. It was business as usual on Monday, except for Network HD. I spent the next two weeks cleaning and reconditioning flood (sewer) soak automation equipment and built a mini master control (using real racks) upstairs. Eventually restored full automation and HD Network signals (August 10th or so). The lower level of the building is pretty much gutted with the exception of the original master control which still handles sat feeds and commercial playback. We were schedule for the master upgrade before the flood, but it doesn't make sense to install it into a building that you're leaving. Getting flooded out was really disappointing, but I really enjoyed the challenges that it brought for everyone in the building to get where we are now.

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